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Contact Viewcomm for any of our services by ringing 01473 464625, or email 


Phone Services for the home:

Viewcomm can provide the following services, provided you have a plug and socket installation in your home.

Your internal wiring is, in most cases your responsibility, the likes of BT no longer look after this. It is no longer a case of only being able to use your telephone service provider. And in most cases Viewcomm can do the work at a fraction of the cost.

·         New Telephone extensions provided (From as little as £65)

·         Telephone extension sockets moved

·         Existing extensions repaired (if possible)

·         Extensions reconnected if you have just changed telephone provider

·         Got a fault? Been advised of a possible charge? Contact Viewcomm. For a small, fixed fee, we can visit and tell you if the fault is your problem or your providers. Saving you time and money



Phone Services for business:

For business customers, we can provide all of the above sevices, plus the following.


·         System programming (Selected telephone systems only)

·         Office moves

·         Office pre-wires


 We also supply and install New Business Telephone Systems


Data Cabling:

From a single data cable, to a complete office installation. Contact Viewcomm with your cable installation requirements.

·         Cat5 etc

·         Patch Panels

·         Office pre-wires



CCTV Systems:

More people than ever are having CCTV installed for various reasons. Be it in their home or in the workplace. CCTV is easily our fastest growing and biggest source of work

Whatever your reason for wanting CCTV, Viewcomm can supply and install the very latest CCTV technology for you. Each system, large or small is designed to be how you, the customer wants it to be, from a single camera to a multi camera system that can ‘see’ in the dark. Our systems are easy to operate, and once set up require very little attention. Contact us for a free,no obligation, quotation.


Remote access is our speciality, so you can keep an eye on your premises from almost anywhere. Home or business, give us a call.

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